Consistency (Or Not) Episode1

"I think...

Life is inconsistent in every way possible

There is no golden rule that you can stick fast to throughout your time here

Your opinions change based on how your day's been and what you've been going through

Your actions may or may not reflect those opinions

There are a billion factors that go into your actions or opinions and even if just one changes, the situation could become 180 degrees different

and you know what...

It doesn't matter in the least

because Consistency is not a viable option in a world where people change, situations change, and environments change

every day, every hour, every minute, and every second

So don't kill yourself over being inconsistent

Instead, relish in the fact that you're flexible enough to change your thoughts relative to a situation

You're a pliable human being

And that very plasticity and how much you have of it is what truly shapes you

so enjoy your inconsistency."

Jessica Choe (Junior) of Yongsan International School of Seoul (South Korea)

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