Leaving GWAM Taebaek Episode 20

"2 preschools, lots of snow, some pedaling, and a whole lot of love"

That line seems to summarize what we did this week in GWAM Taebaek.

After returning from this trip though, I've learned there is so much more meaning to the words "GWAM Taebaek" than what we can see on the outside. 

Honestly, most of us chose to join the Taebaek community service team because it was the cheapest trip and a comfortable option. But the reason people go there is not because it's easy on our purses.

Instead, we go for the connection. 
The connection you form with the elderly of the church,
The connection with the smiling kids,
The connection with the coal miners,
and The connection with the team.

These relationships become so strong and the bonds you form cultivate a sense of trust that makes you feel truly loved. Opening up is incredibly hard for every single person, but the community there makes you feel like you can be yourself without an issue.

It's amazing the kind of things a week in Taebaek can do to your heart, but once you go there and live it, you see how it changes your outlook on life. 
Whether we did it through the orchestra or the mural or the english teaching, we were each able to have an impact on the hearts of the people there and they had an even bigger impact on us.

In summary, 
serving the community there was an incredible experience and an honor on my part.

Jessica Choe (Junior) of Yongsan International School of Seoul 

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