An Introduction Episode 51

I am a high school student with innovative ideas and passionate dreams. I started to self-learn web-developing skills at an early age, managed to create my own tech blog in third grade, and launched my first personal website at an age of 9. After graduating from middle school, I spent one year in the US as an exchange student, becoming more independent, self-motivated, and innovative. While I had to deal with cultural shock and the language barrier, my passion was still burning. I shared my personal experience in my blog “Phil’s America Exchange Year”, and developed a mobile app for a better blog reading experience on mobile phones. I am a participant of many conferences such as Global Initiatives Symposium in Taiwan, I am also an active MUNer. I recently formed a school wide broadcast news station in my current high school. Being a high school student in Taiwan might be stressful, but my passion of fulfilling my dream makes everything possible. Just as the saying goes, “What the mind can conceive, humankind can achieve.”

Philip Kuo (Senior) Home Schooled