Ask Yourself? Episode 55

Often times, I worry a lot about everything. I constantly have to ask myself questions like, “Am I being a good friend right now? Did I forget to do anything?  Sometimes it feels like I’m living just to answer each and every one of those questions, to wind and wind the clock over and over again just to hear it cuckoo another question at me.  I’m sure I’m not the only one asking myself these questions. I found a lot of times, instead of asking myself questions constantly, sometimes it’s better to suck it up and learn to improve. For example, I’m sure you all know the situation where you go to bed and constantly think of mistakes that you made in the deep past or even today. During that time, instead of asking yourself constant negative questions such as, “Why did I do that” or “Why am I so stupid”, try asking yourself “How can I improve?” or “How can I learn from my mistakes”. Another crucial thing to do is to take it slowly. It’s okay if you can’t perfect every mistake you’ve made. Just knowing that you are a better person than you were yesterday the first step, and the first steps can take you the longest paths.

Sehun Joo  (Sophomore) of Seoul Scholars International