K-pop Stars: Seventeen Episode 62

Saturday, March 4, 2017

K-pop Stars: Seventeen Episode 62

Seventeen(세븐틴) is a K-pop boy group formed by Pledis Entertainment in 2015. Seventeen consists of thirteen members, each member separated into three sub-units: hip-hop, vocal, and performance. Seventeen has released their first album, "Love&Letter," along with three mini albums. Each member of Seventeen is deeply involved in the whole production, taking part in choreography, composition, designing, and more.  

I was first introduced to Seventeen from my friend. To be honest, I initially became interested in Seventeen because of their visuals. However as I continued to listen, I really began to enjoy their music. Seventeen's lyrics are filled with a lot of good messages. I often find myself listening to Seventeen's music and getting encouraged. Through Seventeen I have met a lot of new people. Seventeen is more than just a K-pop boy group; they are a part of me and my lifestyle.

I absolutely love the group for their talent, humour, and individuality. Each member is really unique with lots of talent. I like how Seventeen's members get along with each other. Also, I really like how plain and straightforward they are, off stage. I think that it makes Seventeen more realistic and more relatable.

Sunny Lee (Grade 11 from Yongsan International School of Seoul) 

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