Ending the Senior life Episode 105

“Being free from regret was the most difficult thing in my senior year. During preparation for my college admission, regrets and mistakes that I’ve done for 19 years overwhelmed my mind. It isn’t easy to express my thoughts and the lessons I’ve learned in words, but to be honest, I think facing myself and my life was really hard. We needed to write down our essays reflecting each of our life honestly and sincerely, because fabricated essay isn’t truly showing me. There were hard times, but discussing and cooperating with others helped me overcome those difficulties and bring up with more great ideas. I just want to advise to the upcoming seniors that the topic of the essays do not need to be unique. The topic could just be your daily life. It’s your job to pull out the value of yourself throughout the story of the essay. Also, do not evaluate your life as worthless during your senior year. Your life is really precious. This is what I learned in 2017.”

Joonsung Kim (Senior) of Hankuk Academy of Foreign Studies

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