Do you have your own Querencia? Episode 128

"Querencia is a Spanish word meaning a place where the bull in the bullring takes a breath before the last fight against the matador. This word has become a metaphor for a healing place for people exhausted by their busy, highly competitive, and stressful life. As newly coined phrases such as YOLO indicate, people have been increasingly aware of the importance of managing and reducing stress and relaxing both mind and body. Charging energy by doing hobbies or exercises is necessary for another move. Resting our soul is even more important than these activities. By nature, we human beings are afraid of being lonely, but we do need a private place where we can be free of disturbances. This is one of the reasons why Cafes are gaining increasing popularity. Cafes are the place where we can enjoy solitude without having a gloomy sense of isolation thanks to people around us. Querencia, however, does not necessarily have to be a place out there to visit. We can create our own. The house, for example, can be the best Querencia. Indeed, some people turn their home into a perfect Querencia by doing interior design, wall papering, or at times building their own house. Or, perhaps, Querencia does not have to be a brick and mortar place even; it could be located in your very mind. Where is your Querencia? How about creating one now? "

Eunsoo Shin (Freshman) of Yeoksam School

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