Optimism Episode 2

"I'm trying to appreciate the #studentlife. I thought school was tough because of grades and friends and my still developing identity. But I realized today when I found my T-Money and pencil case that it's not a lost cause yet. There's still a lot to be optimistic about...like finding your T-Money card that you thought was lost in a gutter somewhere or discovering your precious pencil case safely in the lost and found box of the high school office. Just like we're looking for a unique identity right now and trying to discover who we are and what we want to do, we will probably find that identity in someplace better than where we expect. Not down the gutter, but probably somewhere safer and better... Maybe your future is waiting for you at an art museum, next to a bunch of smiling fish!"

Eunice Ro (Sophomore) of Seoul Scholars International (South Korea)

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