Rich and Poor Episode 4

One particular time that I was thankful for the life I’m able to live was in hagwon, believe it or not. We were discussing the gap between the rich and the poor, specifically the availability of technology in second and third world nations. The teacher asked me how many people I thought could buy iPhones in the world, and I said “Um, like, 30%?” Turns out, 5% of the world can afford an iPhone. That's 350 million people. Sounds like a lot, but it’s seven times the population of South Korea. It really hit me then that living in a developed country is vastly different from living out there, in the rough-and-tumble world out there. So to all of you with iPhones out there: be thankful. Not everyone can have one.  

Jeiho Kim (Junior) of Yongsan International School (South Korea)

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