"Standardized Stress" Episode 3

Standardized testing. It is a major component of an upperclassman's life that just builds on our stress levels. You might even call it "Standardized Stress".
Especially where I am located, Seoul, South Korea, the race to receive the best SAT or ACT score is bewildering. As a junior, I feel the pressure of ACT at its highest peak. I think standardized tests blend skill, lifetime knowledge, diligence, and a hint of luck. I am sure most can agree. Some questions are just easier for certain people than they are for others. It all depends on the individual. 

There is yet much to gather and complete before I begin my descent. As I complete my ACT and SAT subject tests, I will always await the time when I have overcome this monumental peak of standardized stress.

Sonya Kim (Junior) of Yongsan International School of Seoul (South Korea)

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