The Appeal of KPOP Episode 15

Unlike other artists in other music industries, KPOP has committed and passionate fandoms for each KPOP group/artist. Once you enter into a fandom, you enter into a family and into a tight community of people who feel the same way as you. This community makes it hard to leave the fandom and actually causes your love for the kpop group to grow more and more.
Whether if its through tumblr, facebook, twitter, or any other social media, when you meet someone in the same kpop fandom as you, there will be an immediate spark between you and the person. You will both know all the small cute habits each member has in the group and even their favorite foods and their hobbies. 
When you become a fan of KPOP, you don't become only a fan of the group's music but also the group itself. Although their physical appearances may be a crucial part, their personalities and how they act around their members and the way they treat their fans is also very crucial to the fans and can be one of the main reasons why a fan became a fan. Being a KPOP fan means more than just being a fan of the genre of music. KPOP fans have their own language, a way of communication, their own slang. We all connect to each other in ways that we cannot connect to other people. Becoming a KPOP fan means you're entering into a community of people who understand you completely. 

Sehee Min (Junior) of Yongsan International School of Seoul

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