I miss you...Windy Episode 8

When I was younger, winter vacation made me happy. I loved the white snow, spending time with my lovely family on Christmas day, and the presents from Santa. They all made the day so much more special.

One day, I was in front of my house when I noticed a small brown puppy behind me. As soon I saw the adorable dog, I ran to him and embraced him with an open heart.

 My family agreed to let him into our family and we named him "windy" because we had met him on a windy winter day. 
He loved me and I loved him so much; we always played together and  slept together. 
I thought he would stay with me forever. But, similar to his namesake, he left our family like a wind just passing by. 
Several years passed, but still I think of him on 'windy' winter days.

Lucia Lee (Sophomore) of Seoul Scholars International (South Korea)

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