The Influence of Korean Wave Episode 122

"The influence of Korean wave all around the world is unimaginable. It is usual for famous K-pop stars to go to foreign countries and hold concerts. Not only that, these days, K-pop stars are required to be fluent in variety of foreign languages, and foreigners are easily seen in idol groups. Last year, one of the famous K-pop star BTS have received award and proved that K-pop stars are not only influential in Asia, but also in different continents. Since the world is focusing on K-pop, it is no exaggeration to say that K-pop is improving our national competitiveness. The influence of K-pop is also seen in Korea, especially between teenagers. Teenagers form consensus between themselves when they are in fond of a same K-pop star, and go to concerts or listen to their music to relieve stress."

Soeun Choi (Sophomore) of Yeoksam Middle School 

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