Uncertain Goals Episode 5

"Many teenagers--especially those in high school--think and worry about deciding their future career. I am one of them. Even though I did a lot of things to decide my future career such as aptitude test, I still do not know what I want to do. However, I have one goal, decided by my family: to be a doctor. My family expects me to do that because it is the best job in Korea; being a doctor makes me to earn a lot of money and be honored by people. Even though I am scared of blood, I wanted to earn a lot of money so I followed my family's decision, and I am now taking subjects which is necessary to be a doctor. 
One day, in my class, my teacher asked all of students, "Do you have any certain future goals?" Answers from other students were varied and filled with confidence, but I could not answer. Subsequent to that conversation my teacher advised me to think about things that I like and link them to my future career, or goals. Recently, I thought about things that I like, and I realized that I like to take care of puppies. So, I considered a dog breeder or trainer to be my future goal and I told my family about that. However, my family was reluctant to agree with my decision because a dog breeder or trainer does not earn money well. After that, my future goal became uncertain again. Between the inclined job and the best job, I still do not know what I want to do."

Jane Park (Junior) of Home School (South Korea)

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