Eureka Episode 9

Up until 2015 summer, I spent my days just as ordinary Korean high school students did, waking up at 6 and coming back home at 9 or 10. While I learned a lot, I felt like I am doing nothing but repeating tasks over and over. To solve this serious problem, I decided to change my school to an entirely different one, an American education system. I have more flexibility and I finally have more time to contemplate on my dreams. But just as some adults say “life is all the same”, I still have a problem, a different one now. With more time to think about my dreams, I am given more opportunities, and imaginations, but more options are in fact prevent me from choosing one solid option. Sometimes, I spend most of my day thinking, (while getting nothing done) about my future that seems so close to me. I thought all this thinking that brings me no practical achievements was a waste of time, but the more I deeply think, the more I can understand how immature and unprepared I am in the real, mainstream society. Once I realized the fact, every seconds that I can think about my future, my potential is a precious time I cannot waste anymore. I “realized” something valuable, and I am just greatly thankful.

Justine Park (Sophomore) of Seoul Scholars International (South Korea)

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