Why You Should Give Up Episode 10

   A dream not pursued is the act of giving yourself up. Giving yourself up to your inner doubt. Giving yourself up because you don't think you would make it. And, as I pursue my aspiration of becoming a pilot, there are a lot of uncertainties; from little bumps to a roller coaster ride.  From my doubt of becoming a pilot, to an accident. A surgery, that would have crushed my dream if the aviation industry did not see as medically fit. And often, the inner conflict kicks in when we are to choose from these two options: to give up or to follow your dream. Following your dream is as close to following your life's compass. It is simple, but it is easier said than done. As much as it may sound cliché, a single journey begins with one small step. Though there'll be mountains to climb, a river to cross, and  a lonely walk that you have to fight through. Never give up. A dream not pursued is the act of giving yourself up. 

Yanis Chan (Junior) of Christian Alliance International School (Hong Kong)

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