What Science is to Me Episode 14

Since I was young, Science was a friend to me.
Of course I loved my human friends too, but as much I adored them, I loved science too. My crush on Science started on my first day of physics class. 
Learning physics can be tallied as one of my happiest moments. Exciting topics such as manipulating machines and dynamic energy were waiting for me to discover them.
I thought the world was monotonous and boring, but science painted my world with beautiful colors and made a dazzling universe for me to explore.

Normally when people consider a rolling ball, they just think “Oh, the ball is rolling.”
After learning physics though, a ball rolling didn’t seem to be a normal event.
I began to consider the speed of gravitational pull and sliding, which was helping the ball roll.

My whole life began to revolve around physics and learning more about it. It became one of my reasons for living.

All in all, Science is my best friend and a big source of happiness to me. <3

Dongmin Hwang (Freshman) of Seoul Scholars International 

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