My Scariest episode Episode 18

I, Sophie Yang, am totally a coward. Because I am scared of almost 'everything'. I have a lot episodes to talk about, but I will tell you the most scariest episode. It was Halloween party day, and I was totally excited to dress up as a monster and scare everyone out. I  imagined myself and eating whole bunch of candies, and hanging out with my friends. My heart fluttered as I planned what to do at the party. My imagination came true and I had a lot of fun. Until "this" made me, freak out. At the end of the day, the teacher told us that a ghost house is going to be opened starred by our school students. I heard my heartbeat. It seemed like soon or a later, it's going to blow up. 
As I have told you guys before, I am totally a coward so I never dared to go into a ghost house.I was planning to go home and rest however, my friends forced me to go to the ghost house. I refused to go in there, but I was already in the ghost house with my friends. The ghost house game mission was finding the glow stick from mysterious rooms by suing the map and as soon as participants find it can leave. I was only thinking about finding the glow stick since I was terrified of the dark. As soon as I step in the ghost house, I couldn't see anything. It was totally dark. Then suddenly red light flickers on the walls. Before even going into the 1st room, I burst into tears and cried, holding my friend's hand. Because there was a mannequin which seemed looking at me. From that moment, I couldn't stop crying so I had to come out earlier than I thought. To me, it seemed mannequin had eyes looking at me and this reminded a movie. I don't remember the title, but the scene reminded me. Exhaling and inhaling my breathe I promised to myself that I won't never ever go again to the ghost house.  

Sophie Yang (9th grade) of North London Collegiate School 

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