Growing up as a Girl Here Episode 32

It is never hard to live as a girl... rather it is convenient! 

I become a unique girl if I am a big fan of a soccer team and play video games. 
I must be at home early because it is my fault if something bad happens to me because I walk around too late, and as you know, it is dangerous. 
I can't sweat a lot because wearing tank tops and shorts is too sexy
It is my fault to be captured in hidden camera or to be sexually shamed because I drew attention. 
I can put on make up on everyday to be pretty, but I cannot put too much because I will look too showy
Secreting my dirty blood out of my body periodically, although it hurts like hell, is a gift. 
Now, I will be expected to be a good housewife and nurture cute little babies, although I want to be an engineer. 
And engineering is too tough for a weak woman. How great...

Kierstin Kim (Junior) of Seoul Scholars International

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