Opinion of Pokemon Go Episode 35

Pokemon Go is an IPhone application that is widely loved by the IPhone users around the world. The reason for it is that it created a revolution in a game field and fulfilled the dream that we dreamt of from young; it is the first game that allows the interactions between the real people and the 2D characters. However, the consequence of being part of this game is too big: It causes people to no longer see what is real and important. For example, there were few accidents on the roads because either the driver or the pedestrian was playing Pokemon Go and was focusing on catching the pokemons rather than watching where they were heading to. Catching pokemons - the 2D characters - is too important for people nowadays that they do not care what is facing them. I do like this new revolution in game field but I hope that people will understand what they need to really focus on when they are out on the roads.

Soyoung Jeon (Senior) of Centennial Christian School

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