2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro Episode 37

The 2016 Summer Olympics is being held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and there have been ups and downs as the Olympics events continue. Before the Olympics started, most of the stadiums and the accommodations were not even prepared for the players who are competing in the Olympics. Luckily, the stadiums were nearly finished, but the accommodations weren’t prepared to hold the players and staff because it wasn’t finished yet. So, there were huge complaints coming from everywhere from players saying that the quality of the accommodations were the worst. But on the bright side, the pass Olympic games held were just fabulous. Archery, soccer, volleyball, and most of the events were successful. People, and also I, enjoyed it and are stilling enjoying the Rio Olympics. I wish for the Olympics to have a successful finale. 

Justin Ro (8th grade) Yeoksam middle school 

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