Vacation to Sokcho Episode 36

Screaming and yelping, people were running around the lake. I paused and thought to myself 'Are they crazy or what?' Then I glanced at my brother, who was already a part of the excited crowd.

On this vacation, I visited Sokcho (other wise known as the ONLY place where POKEMON GO works in Korea).

Due to the popularity of the game, Sokcho was crowded with early adapters (people following trends), teenagers and adults. 

I couldn't resist the heat of the game so I gave it a shot. 

My Verdict: 

+ I wanted to give an applause to the game creators. Collaboration with 3D characters and reality was a sensational idea and the process of finding Pok√©mon was really interesting, too!
- On the other hand, there were groups of young friends that kept bumping into other pedestrians. People stared at them. As a result, I am worried about future problems such as public disturbances that happened today. I hope there are solutions for these kind of situations. Unless this gets fixed, I think it is a matter of time before more trouble happens :/

Euncie Ro (Junior) of Seoul Scholars International

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