Cheer Season! Episode 47

As a newcomer to the world of cheerleading, I am very excited and thankful to be part of the team. Initially, I was too shy to tryout, but as a senior, I did not want to leave high school with any regrets. This year's team consists of a good blend between returning and new members. The team looks amazing; though we only had one practice, everyone is very talented and skilled!
Our first meeting was only a conditioning session where the captains designed a workout to assess our current strengths. It was pretty intense and if you ask the others they can attest to some sore muscles. I hope to be a great team member while learning new skills and bonding with the new team. 
The season does not start until November but we are scheduled for a couple more practices this month to prepare us for sideline cheering and the halftime performance. While I am nervous for the season, I cannot wait for the season to officially start and cheer on our school during their basketball games. GO GUARDIANS!
Cecilia Cho (YISS Senior)

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