The Amazing Journey of The Odyssey Episode 48

The Odyssey was a very challenging play for a cast of high school students like me.  Its various spectacular events required most of us to play multiple roles and form ensembles to portray this great epic. Due to the grandness of the tale as well as its mythical aspects it made all of us reach out to the deepest ends of our creativity, endurance, and collaboration. As a senior it was a time of conflict as I realized that there were no longer other people to rely on but with more people relying on me. I always tried to give my best in hopes that others would follow my example. Although it was definitely not easy for me there certainly was an effect on the other cast members, which drove me to continue. Because it was such a massive challenge to us as a group and as individuals, when we fought through together and pulled it off, the sense of accomplishment and bonding we experienced could not have been greater. Now I can proudly say I took part in delivering The Odyssey, one of the most well known western tales ever, with a group of amazing people in the form of an incredible play. It was truly an unforgettable experience with so much to take away from and I am glad I persevered until the end.

Dong Geun Oh (Senior) of Seoul Foreign School

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