After AP Exams Episode 73

There are certain things that happen to you that you never forget. I am not sure why that is. But I realize it is the fact. Recently, for me, it was the AP exam. About 2 to 3 weeks, my friends and I were on fire and devoted to the AP exam. The process was like working out with a bunch of strenuous and tough tools that you would never use ordinarily. There was no time to think about anything. Your body and mind get numb and you get speechless because of your tiresome routine of AP preparation. When the expected day came, I took the test with great confidence. However, after the exam, I did not have any feeling of presence. I felt empty. The moments of suffering and wailing to my textbook passed by like a flashback. One part of my heart grew as my awe of learning in new areas became deeper.

Eunice Ro (Junior) Seoul Scholars International

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