A Senior's Summer Plans Episode 74

No doubt, this summer will be a period of building on what I've done so far, but it will also be a rare chance to embrace the new.
Indulging in new hobbies, meeting new acquaintances, guzzling new books...much like Anne Shirley would have said, after each ambition checks off, there's another star on my list glittering even higher up. 
Though I may not be rich in energy or much else at the moment, tired out from graduation as I am, I want to stay rich in dreams as summer rolls along. I sincerely hope it's a sentiment not lost on my fellow graduates. As we face a road laden with obstacles ranging from employment to world politics, it's not an emotion we can afford to lose. 

Daring to pursue dreams, both old and new, is a plan we should all share for our last high school summer. 

Jessica Jiwon Choe (Graduated Senior) Yongsan International School of Seoul

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