What do you do in your free time? Episode 78

During my free time, I love to read good books and play sports like volleyball and basketball. I don't really have a specific taste for books, but I like to read things that most of the readers say that it is good. My love towards reading lead me to new door called English. My favorite subject is English, because the flow of the words in the text really draws me in. While I am reading a novel or a sentence, I like to feel them 'dancing' with me(he said 'feels good man'). Also, I am thinking of taking the SAT subject test for literature or composition. Not only reading books but I also like to watch NBA and volleyball games. I get stressed out when I see or undergo kind of people who can not keep their noses out of other peoples businesses excessively, for obvious reasons. Thanks to my lovely hobbies I can endure those moments. 

Andy Park (Sophomore) of Centennial Christian School (South Korea)

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