How’s your summer vacation? Episode 83

Friday, August 4, 2017

How’s your summer vacation? Episode 83

Well, I’m living in Seoul during this summer vacation, which is my first time staying here. Although I was really shocked about the uncountable numbers of academies near my house when I first came here, I got used to them and also think that living in Seoul is a quite interesting experience. Unlike last year when I just played and took plenty of rest because of exhaustion, aftereffect of first semester in HAFS, for this summer vacation, I’m trying to live very productively by studying SAT or working stuffs what I’m interested in. I guess my freshmen year was full of panic, fatigue, and bombs? Ha ha... However, this year, I’m actually enjoying my life. I wake up earlier than when I’m in school and study very hard from the moment after I open my eyes until the very last second before I shut them. As more and more days go by, maintaining my studies makes me feel tired, but I’m looking forward to get good scores on my upcoming October and December SAT test. Also, I’m planning to keep up with my GPA and catch up with my dream in my next semester.

Hailey Park (Sophomore) of Hankuk Academy of Foreign Studies

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