What inspires your artwork? Episode 91

“Having a cultural background from Korea and Japan and being an international kid opened up my mind to different types of perspectives and world views. Being a TCK may make it difficult to find an identity. The question of identity is something that TCKs need to constantly search and look for their entire lives. Because this question shapes not only who I am but also my daily life and the people around me, it’s a question that is on my mind so often. This makes me portray it on my artwork so much. The things that are on your mind come out in every way you express yourself. Because art is one of the main ways of portraying myself, I portray the questions about identity and myself through my artworks. I like to see how an artwork was created, and I search about its history and background. Because they’re so interesting to me, my works tend to refer to a lot to the works I’ve learned in art history. Art history talks a lot about the political, economic, and social issues that occur in a certain period. Some of these issues are still going on today, and one of the ways to readdress those ideas, bring them to attention, and raise awareness is to stylize art history into my artwork. I translate society’s issues through my artwork.”

Sunny Lee (Senior) of Yongsan International School of Seoul (South Korea)

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