Favorites? Episode 98

Favorite hobby?
“I like reading adventure books and watching movies with my mom. The most recent
movie I watched was Thor: Ragnarok, and I really enjoyed watching the movie because
of the humor. It brought a cheerful mood to me, and I was able to relax and have fun
while watching it.”

Favorite place?
“I recently converted my living room table into a desk. It’s in front of the fridge, and I
placed a chair on one end of the table. I study there, do homework there, and watch
movies and shows on the table. It’s a very special place to me because I have never had a
personal desk before, and it’s nice to have a place where I can study or relax.”

Favorite music?
“I enjoy listening to the 80’s music and songs from musicals. Currently, my favorite
musical is Hamilton by Lin-Manuel Miranda.”

Asia Tooki (Senior) of Yongsan International School of Seoul (South Korea)

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