Dangers of deforestation Episode 101

"It’s hard to believe that much of the earth was once covered with forest, including majority parts of U.S, Canada, and Europe. Today, there are only 22 percent of the forests remain. Deforestation help human’s life more comfortable by paving the ways, but it also carries many dangers to the environment and humans as well. One of the most serious problems is the habitat Loss. More than half of the animals that are near extinction are living in the forests, hunting for foods. However, with the invasion of human into their natural habitats, endangered species are suffering in order to get their basic needs, such as shelter and sources of food and water. By this, decreasing of animal’s viability and mass extinction events are the result. Humans should not destroy the forests just because of their profit. Those species in danger have rights to live in peaceful habitats where not much of deforestations are occurring. Since deforestation carries many of great damages, we should reduce the amount of destroying forests."

Jeong Yune Kim ( Freshman ) of Yeoksam School

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