How do you relate what you learn in school with everyday life? Episode 103

“I find what I learn at school to be deeply relevant to our everyday lives. For instance, one day, I realized that my friend’s skin became dry and red dots appeared. At first, I thought it was because of an illness. However, I soon remembered what I learned in biology class. It came out that some of my friend’s skin cells were “hypertonic” and shriveled up. In order to assuage the phenomena on her skin, she began applying a skin care product that has “lipids.” Also, I learned about the price of meal in a buffet. In economy class, I learned that people are generally less satisfied with more abundant supply, so they wouldn’t eat as much in buffet as they expected. All these relationships between academics and everyday life makes me interested at what I learn at school.”

Sumin Kim (Senior) of Seoul Scholars International

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