When do you feel happiness in HAFS? Episode 112

"In HAFS, we have a Christian community called ‘HAYYIM’. Although this community is officially limited to one of the school’s clubs, ‘Hayyim’ is actually a church for me. The moment I feel comfort and happiness is right before worships including ‘Laud(a time for singing hymns)’ and prayer meetings in weekdays begin. Participating ‘Hayyim’ gatherings, I realize there are still a place for me to worship and praise and many precious people who can be with me in HAFS. Living in this school requires so many efforts and sacrifices, making me tired or sometimes cry. However, the moment I can truly rest is not even when I sleep or play with my friends, but actually when I spend my time in ‘Hayyim.’"

Jeanna Kwon(Senior) of Hankuk Academy of Foreign Studies

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