What do you learn from the irrevocable mistakes you made? How would you prevent making same kind of mistakes in future? Episode 117

“Humans are bound to make a mistake since no human beings are perfect. If humans made no mistake at all then there would be no such things as an eraser. I have made some mistakes that are deemed irrevocable. However, in the end, I have always learned from my mistake and I own up to it. Usually, when I make a mistake I learn to "pull myself up by the bootstrap" and be responsible for my action. Ironically, at the same time, I also become more empathetic toward other people's mistake since I also make mistakes as well. Mistakes made me an adult. In conclusion, mistakes that I have made taught me to become a responsible and empathetic person. Also, by admitting my fault, I learned to become more honest and to respect others.To prevent mistakes mean you have to learn from it. If you have not truly learned it deep inside your heart and your brain then it is guaranteed that you are going to make the same mistake again. First, admit that you screwed up. Second, think deeply and look into the mirror if you have to and ask yourself "What could I have done?". Thirdly, do not forget about it ever. Once it perishes from your brain, you will make the same mistake again. The ones that I have truly kept in my heart, I never made the same mistake ever again. However, the ones that I have superficially admitted my mistake, I made it again. You must keep the lesson deep inside your heart if you really have learned it.”

Sang Jung (Junior) of Seoul Scholars International 

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