What is your passion in life and how did you find it? Episode 119

"I have a keen interest in film production. My love toward movies started from my family tradition. Since my dad was young, my grandfather and he went to the cinema almost every single weekend. This custom has also been maintained in our family. At first, I just regarded watching movies as a simple hobby, but now I have become a ‘filmgoer’ and decided to enter the film world. My dad has also affected me a lot. Once, when I was seriously depressed about school works and my life, he told me that he lived his own life concentrating on his dream and what he truly wanted to do instead of caring about other people’s words and the world’s trend. Consequently, he was able to design cars with various companies and live with joy. This is one of the reasons I respect him, and his story really motivated me to keep moving toward my goals. So, I am continuously searching what I want to do in future because there are so many things I’m interested in. It’s important for us to know what we’re passionate about. To sum up, I want to say 'don’t care what others think of you. Find your own passion.' "

Hyerim Yong (Senior) of Hankuk Academy of Foreign Studies

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