When was your funniest moment in your life? [Season 1: Funniest Moments - Ep1: Eun Sae]

“It all started in a hot summer of 2017, when I first traveled to Okinawa for summer vacation. To make my vacation meaningful, I sought to do something active and adventurous, and I decided to try “skin-scuba diving” for the first time in my life. After having this amazing experience, I was totally captivated with the beauty that only skin-scuba diving possesses, which even led me to certificate
skin-scuba license this year.
If we imagine ourselves in space, probably, the most magnificent thing that we could do will be roaming freely regardless of the inertia, which I think it is very similar with skin-scuba diving. I can roam the whole ocean wherever and however I want, simultaneously enjoying the beautiful scenery. Sea is like an existing galaxy in Earth!
What is more, underwater creatures couldn’t be more beautiful. As I cannot see those amazing animals in daily lives, solely watching them made me feel secure and peaceful.
I hope everyone try skin-scuba diving once in their lives and share the
gratefulness of skin-scuba diving with me.”

Eun Sae Jung (Sophomore) from Hankuk Academy of Foreign Studies

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