When was your funniest moment in your life? [Season 1: Funniest Moments - Ep3: Hyun Soh]

"Have you ever played soccer in youth? When I was 10 years old, our class had played soccer. I was very skillful in blocking ball so I did the goal keeper. Because it was the final match, our team and others did the best. One player in other team was very good at shooting the ball. When I got hit by the ball by her, my glasses were broke. It was really painful. Even though I got hurt, I told the coach that I will play. So in the break time, I taped the glasses and played again. Again, she shoot the ball but the ball bent! I thought the ball went up but it went to bottom. So I had to split my leg. I screamed loudly and that was so hilarious that all the players and even couch laughed. By splitting my leg, I caught the ball. Then, I blocked all the ball and we won by 2:0 (I remember). After this game, I never played soccer because I am afraid of splitting legs again. I am really inflexible. Do you know the pain of it? For me, it would be more painful than giving birth to baby. Seriously. When is your funniest moment in your life? I hope you enjoyed my story!^^"

Hyun soh lee(8th grade) of Yeoksam Middle School

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