WWS 10,000 views Announcement and 2018-2019 Team Announcement

WWS 10,000 views Announcement and 2018-2019 Team Announcement

Hi Worldwide Student Social Family,

Congratulations to you all for our blog reaching over 10,000 views this month!
There is no doubt on our part about the great effort and dedication that each of you have put in Worldwide Student Social. All your hard work is always acknowledged and appreciated.

Now for the 2018-2019 term, we announce your official executive team.

2018-2019 WWS Executive Team

Chief Director - Sean Min
Planning Director For the First half of the term : Hanna Hwang (July - December)
Planning Director For the Second half of the term : James Kim (January - June)

Chapter 1 : WWS Advice Column Contributors

Founder / Executive Board : Jessica Choe (The University of Chicago)
Chief Advisor / Executive Board : Eunice Ro (The University of Texas at Austin)
Regular Contributor :  Joshua Choe (The University of Virginia)
Regular  Contributor :  Janice Choe (The University of Virginia)

Chapter 2 :  WWS Blog Personnel Coordinators

Fayston Preparatory Seoul:  Jongha Kim
Hankuk Academy of Foreign Studies : Sae Young Jung
Seoul Scholars International : Hyunjoon Jo
Taejun Christian International School : Kevin Min
Youngdong High School : Justin Ro
Yeoksam Middle School : Soeun Choi
Northwood High School: Myra Tahir  

Chapter 3: Speech and Service
All members are free to partake


Worldwide Student Social Executive Team