Your Most Embarrassing Moments [Season 2: Embarrassing Moments - Ep1: Ji Hyun Jun]

"There weren’t a lot of times when I got embarrassed, but when I did have these kind of moments, they were quite embarrassing and painful for me to forget. I was playing with my friends at the classroom about 1 year ago. My friends made me quite angry because they wanted to start a ‘heist’ and get away from me. So, they kept annoying me and I finally gave up my patience and started to run after them. They turned from the stairway and ran down the steps like kangaroos. I started to run after them but I misplaced my foot on the steps and I rolled over like 10 flights of stairs. I got up, and wished for no one to see me. But there was no luck because all the kids saw me roll and laughed their socks out. That was the most embarrassing moment in my life."
Ji Hyun Jun(10th grade) of YongDong High School

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