Best or Worst Thing of Being a Student [Season 4: Best or Worst Thing - Ep4: Ian Eom]

"The best thing about being a student is that there are many opportunities of learning, and as a student, we don’t have to compensate for making those mistakes: although there are tiresome consequences of these failures, but if the student remembers and learns something from the mistake, the student is now a better person than before. The worst thing about being a student is that we are hindered by the society as the rising kids who doesn’t know anything. Due to the fact that you’re a student, most adults cut you off from decent and complicated conversations from the public as a whole, which is bothersome in some ways. "

Ian Eom(Sophomore) of Affiliated High School of Jungang University (중앙대학교 사범대학 부속고등학교)

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