One Fact People don't Know About You [Season 5: Confession Time - Ep3: Shim hyung Seok]

"One fact that people don’t know about me is that I am a huge fan in Anima, especially Japanese animations. While I am at school, I try to act like a normal student by paying attention in class, talking and interacting with friends, having a fun time, and etc. But in my heart and my mind, there is always one thought that is stuck there. It is anima. When I come home and when there is nothing to do all day, I sit at my desk and watch animations on my computer. And I draw some of the characters of the animation or I will do research about the animation and its history and what not. Sometimes I post my own drawings on animation. Some people might know about this, but when people see me at school, they can’t know what I am very interested in because I act like a normal at school. So I guess one fact that people don’t know me is that I am an Anima manic!"

Shim hyung Seok(Junior) of Youngdong High School

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